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Why Your Opt-In Pages Fail (And How to Fix Them In Ten Minutes)

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Are your Optin Pages converting enough?

Optin pages are the lifeblood of businesses. Okay, I agree traffic is king. But how does that matte if the sentries don't open the gates to the castle? The highway is bustling with traffic. But if you don't have proper exits and giant signboards to your megastore, your store is a haunted place.

You ain't gonna make sales.

There's no history of a business that survived with window shoppers. If your email list is filled with squatters then you don't have leads. You've got squatters aka window shoppers. And squatters are like leeches. The only way you can fix this is not by purging your email list, but by building a better optin page.

And you can start building one in exactly ten minutes.

Well, that is if you click the play button and start listening to this episode. Because in this episode of The Launch Plan Podcast, we show you how to fix your optin page in three steps. You will learn:

  • The three cornerstones of a good optin page
  • Why more leads is not good, and how to improve the quality of leads by just fixing your optin page
  • Why your optin page is failing despite having good copy
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