AI Tools

Like most of the world, I woke up to the power of GPT with ChatGPT. It's a great tool to use. For better control on the outcome, use the Playground.

I heard about Claude and it's power from the copywriting community. It's a great tool and much powerful than ChatGPT. But there's a catch–it's currently only accessible if you're based in the US or UK. But if you're outside of the two countries, here's my hack to get access.

I learned about this from a copywriting community too. This is a tool to boost your productivity. I'm exploring this tool as I write this. But I'm sure impressed. I'll write more as I learn the tool better.

If you are in calls with clients or do podcasts, this is a great Chrome Extension that automatically transcribes meetings in rea time and generates meeting notes and take aways.

I use Canva like most people do. But here's the kicker–try the AI image generator tool inside. It's great. I recently used it to generate an image for my newest podcast artwork.


It's an active community for tech founders and entrepreneurs. It has a good mix of startup entrepreneurs, people with side projects, and marketers.

If you're interested in joining, use the code "KARTHIKPRO" to get $50 off your first year.

A great community if you're a one-person business like a course creator, coach, or a freelancer. It's created by the founder of the Smart Passive Income podcast, and attracts people that like the essence of the podcast.