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How to Start a Podcast Without Worrying About Listener Numbers or Downloads (And Grow)

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Do you want to start a podcast?

You perhaps know that there are over 5.2 million podcasts today. Yet you want to start a podcast. You have decided to put in the work to do what it takes to start a podcast. Perhaps that what got you here. Or maybe you've been listening to this podcast and decided to start a podcast for your business, just like we do here.

But you worry about not getting enough downloads or listeners.

Or is that the right way to measure your podcast? Just because everyone talks about download numbers doesn't mean that's the right yardstick to measure a podcast. When I started my first podcast, the show made over quarter million downloads, and yet it made negligible impact to my business (until I fixed it). Today, we don't focus on numbers. Because we have something better to measure. Dollars.

So what is the right way to start a podcast today?

The answer is the same as what it used to be even a decade ago. Focus on serving one specific audience and over-deliver. In this episode of the podcast, you will learn:

  • The four key levers of a successful podcast (and how you can use them)
  • How to create a hyper-targeted podcast by answering simple questions for each lever
  • A better way to measure growth and success of your podcast (and that's not number of listeners)
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