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Modern Small Business Marketing Plan (And How Steve Jobs Used It At Apple)

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Have you been struggling with your marketing? 

You've learned about the different marketing frameworks, looked at marketing case studies from big and small companies. Maybe you even think that your marketing plan is good enough. Even if none of these resonate with you, answer one question - do you want to make more sales?

If your answers to any of the above questions is a YES, this episode is for you. Because in this episode, you'll learn a framework that will help you fix your marketing plan (if you have one). If you don't have a marketing plan, you're in luck; because by the time you finish listening to this episode, you'll have one. At least, you'll understand what to do in order to get more marketing qualified leads, make more sales, or increase revenue or profit.

It's like turning a knob

In this episode, you'll see how Steve Jobs turned around Apple from a failing business into one of the most valuable companies. No, you are not going to learn ten things to do, but just pick four areas of your marketing. If you've turned a knob to increase or reduce the speed of a ceiling fan, this is not too different.

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