These 11 Women Are Killing It On Pinterest – Positioning Strategies Roundup #1

August 18, 2023

Is the internet saturated with content? Are we witnessing a content overload? Is starting a business, blog, or podcast today a waste of time? No. Look around, and you’ll see so many thriving new businesses. The secret to creating a thriving new business or blog, or podcast is one word–positioning. And that’s why we are discussing positioning strategies in today’s post. This will be the first in a series of positioning strategy roundup posts.

Michael Schumacher was fun to watch on the Formula One track.

In my school days, I grew up watching him race. And for a very long time, I thought he won so many championships because he was the “best” driver. But soon, I learned about his team.

The guys changing the tires, monitoring his vehicle and speaking with him on the radio, the guy who fills fuel, the company that made the tires, engine, etc. Everyone on the team was the best person with that specific skill.

Positioning creates unlimited opportunities.

Every Formula One team needs someone to fill the fuel. And that’s not all–all other forms of car racing require someone to fill the fuel too. This is very similar to what’s happening online.

The internet creates a level-playing field for everyone to hire everyone else. And you only need to give them a good “reason.” Positioning is the “reason” you give to your specific audience. What do these “reasons” look like?

In today’s post, let’s see how some business owners and experts have positioned themselves on Pinterest. In other words, what are the “reasons” they give to their audience on Pinterest?

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Eleven Positioning Strategies by Women-led Businesses on Pinterest

Let’s first look at a high-level value proposition summary of each of the eleven women business owners.

  1. Simplifying Photography For Women
  2. Business Coach for Coaches
  3. Online Business Tips for Influencers
  4. Teach Entrepreneurs How to Leverage Tech
  5. Showit Website Templates for Women Coaches and Travel Advisors
  6. Business Branding Template Bundles
  7. Help Non-Techie Online Entrepreneurs Stand Out
  8. Squarespace Website Design Services and Online Courses
  9. Brand Design And Graphics That Attract, Connect, and Convert
  10. Saving & Making Money
  11. Advice for Moms to Start a Mom Blog

Before we look at each of the eleven women, their Pinterest profiles, and their value proposition, I want to answer a question that’s probably lurking in your mind–why women?

Well, simply because it’s encouraging to see how one mother differentiates herself from another. You’ll see how one woman designer is differentiating herself from another designer. While they may have a ton of similarities, they have made it a conscious point to differentiate. I hope that will inspire you to position yourself differently, too. Let’s jump in.

1. Louise – Simplifying Photography For Women

“Like most brand-new mums, when I brought my eldest baby home from the hospital, I was smitten. I was convinced I had the most gorgeous bub in the world (of course!) and was determined to capture that gorgeousness through the Best. Photographs. EVER.”

Headline: Click Love Grow I Simplifying Photography For Women

Value Prop: Online Photography Tips to help you take photos you LOVE! Of your kids, family & everyday adventures!

What’s good about this positioning: It clearly articulates what Louise offers. And it clearly says who can benefit from her service. Notice how she frames her “who” without naming them. She uses the words “your kids, family & everyday adventures” that are emotional triggers.

Website: clicklovegrow.com

Pinterest Profile:


2. KellyAnne – Business Coach for Coaches

“My purpose is to use my genius to support you in packaging your genius into digital products so that you can create multiple streams of income.”

Headline:  Self Leadership Global | Business Coach for Coaches

Value Prop: I help online coaches package their genius into profitable digital products & online courses.

What’s good about this positioning: The value proposition clearly articulates “who” she serves and “what” she can help them with. This value proposition is particularly interesting and inviting. Notice the phrase “package their genius.” Notice the choice of words? Who doesn’t want to consider themself a genius? And who won’t want to package their “genius”?

Website: selfleadershipglobal.com

Pinterest Profile:

3. Christina Galbato – Online Business Tips for Influencers

It only took my first press trip invite before I was handing in my two weeks notice and hitting the open road, passport in hand. I didn’t know if my dream of becoming a full-time travel influencer would come to fruition, but I did know one thing for sure: I was never going back to a cubicle!

Headline: Christina Galbato | Online Business Tips for Influencers

Value Prop: I help content creators build profitable, impactful businesses.

What’s good about this positioning: I like this value proposition simply because it’s clear about the “who” and “what.” And she clarifies her “what” by offering a “free class” to which she has a link in her Pinterest profile.

Website: christinagalbato.com

Pinterest Profile:

4. Louise Henry – Teach Entrepreneurs How to Leverage Tech

Maybe you want to embrace the digital nomad life and travel the world. Maybe you want the freedom to make your own schedule each day, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Whatever your dream life looks like, I’m here to share all my best tech secrets, mindset tips and biz strategies to support you on your journey.

Headline: Louise Henry

Value Prop: I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage tech so that they can save time, automate more and scale their business with ease.

What’s good about this positioning: Tech is a HUGE problem with many solopreneurs and creators. The value proposition hits the hot spots by using the words/phrases “Saving time” and “automate.”

Website: louisehenry.com

Pinterest Profile:

5. Kristin Richards – Showit Website Templates for Women Coaches and Travel Advisors

After honing my design eye as an art director for a women’s travel accessories line, I left office life behind to travel more while working remotely. I zigzagged across Europe, hopped over to the Land Down Under with the aforementioned boy, and have been exploring ever since.

Headline: Girlboss Designer® | Showit Website Designer | Coaches & Travel

Value Prop: Branding and website design services and Showit website templates for women coaches and travel advisors. Business and mindset coach for creative entrepreneurs.

What’s good about this positioning: I like this value proposition for a few different reasons. First, it mentions the name of a brand/platform – Showit. Second, she specifically does this for women coaches and travel advisors. The brand “Showit” has the names of some popular businesswomen as references, including Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, and the like.

Website: girlbossdesigner.com

Pinterest Profile:

6. April – Business Branding Template Bundles

Beginning Is The First StepI know what it’s like to get started; I feel that beginning is the first (and most essential!) step. As a blogger myself, I was in beginner’s shoes once. Starting as a new mom who hired a website designer, I quickly discovered that I wanted to make it easy, convenient, and simple for anyone to start their own boss babe empire or develop their passion. I believe in the power of persistence!

Headline: Studio Mommy | WordPress Themes | Branding Template Bundles

Value Prop: Business branding template bundles which include a WordPress theme and everything you need to brand your business easily! I also offer Canva templates as well as Showit website templates.

What’s good about this positioning: April is smart to use names that people use and search for – “WordPress theme,” “Canva templates,” and “Showit website templates.” This brings up an important point about value propositions. Your value proposition must be customized to the audience and the platform. On Pinterest, it’s recommended to use keywords that people search for. Also, as a platform primarily comprised of images, people search for these templates. They want to see them first before booking someone like April.

Website: studiomommy.com

Pinterest Profile:

7. Marina Lotaif – Help Non-Techie Online Entrepreneurs Stand Out

Headline: Marina Lotaif | Yes To Tech

Value Prop: Stand out in your online business as a non-techie online entrepreneur.

What’s good about this positioning: In ten words, she communicates everything she needs to communicate!

Website: yestotech.com

Pinterest Profile:

8. Rosanna – Squarespace Website Design Services and Online Courses

It’s since been my mission to build a freedom-based ‘lifestyle business’ – and help others do the same using these principles from my background in design.

Headline: byRosanna | Website Design & Business Courses

Value Prop: Simplify & streamline your creative business! I offer Squarespace website design services and online courses about business & content marketing.

What’s good about this positioning: Rosanna’s value prop is filled with keywords and clearly communicates what she offers to her audience. Love that!

Website: byrosanna.co.uk

Pinterest Profile:

9. Tabitha Emma – Brand Design And Graphics That Attract, Connect, and Convert

In 2007, between chasing job interviews and considering changing careers ( I was in the fashion industry then), I stumbled upon Etsy, an online marketplace. Without a second thought, I was eagerly listing my own handmade goods and diving headfirst into the creative online community.

Headline: Tabitha Emma | Brand Design And Graphics

Value Prop: Branding and design services, design courses, and graphic templates- Shop templates- etsy.com/au/shop/tabithaemma Design Services- tabithaemma.com Taking creatives from vision to visuals. Create a compelling brand and graphics that attract, connect & convert.

What’s good about this positioning: Tabitha’s value proposition for the same reason as I’ve sighted with other value propositions. Though she doesn’t call out the target audience, she uses keywords that they care about–”attract, connect, and convert.”

Website: tabithaemma.com

Pinterest Profile:

10. Caroline Vencil – Saving & Making Money

We’ve lived off of my husband’s one income since we’ve been married, and until recently, he didn’t make a lot of money. I mean, he made $17,000 a year and we lived off of just that income for 4 years! It took a while, but we finally got the motivation that we needed to get serious about our budget and stick to it.

Headline: Caroline|CarolineVencil.com | Saving & Making Money | Pro Blogger

Value Prop: Budgeting, full-time blogger, side hustle pro, frugal living guru, entrepreneur, money saving tips, living on one low income, & work from home ideas.

What’s good about this positioning: Caroline doesn’t necessarily use a value prop statement. Instead, she uses many words and phrases that her target audience uses. Given that her Pinterest profile gets ~2M views, she’s definitely got it right!

Website: carolinevencil.com

Pinterest Profile:

11. Elna – Advice for Moms to Start a Mom Blog

I started Twins Mommy with the idea of connecting with other work from home and stay-at-home moms as a mom blogger. I wanted to offer tips to get their blog noticed, grow their email list and income.

Headline: Elna | Start a Blog for Moms | Blog Tips | Work From Home

Value Prop: Advice for moms to start a mom blog and be able to stay at home or work from home for good!

What’s good about this positioning: Elma’s value proposition is extremely clear. She doesn’t just say “helping moms,” but instead says, “helping moms start a mom blog.” It’s not just any blog, but a specific type of blog. It makes me curious what she means by “mom blog,” and by just doing that, she’s got me clicking on her blog and reading more!

Website: twinsmommy.com

Pinterest Profile:

What’s Your Positioning Strategy on Pinterest?

In addition to everything we discussed, pay special attention to specific words people use. For example, in the UK, they use the word “mum” as opposed to Americans, who prefer to use “moms.” Knowing this can help you connect with your audience better.

If you’re still wondering why you need to focus on your positioning, I recently wrote this piece you might want to read. And before you go, consider subscribing to my newsletter. It’s called The 90-Day Marketing Plan. When you subscribe, you also get a customized marketing plan for your business.

To your prosperity,


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