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Navigating Positioning for Invoicing Software: Uwe Dreissigacker

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I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Uwe Dreissigacker on This GPT Life! podcast. He's the founder of the online invoicing software called InvoiceBerry. We've published the first part of the interview last week. Today, we're publishing the second part where we dove deeper into the evolving positioning of InvoiceBerry.

You can listen to the interview on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. We've made it easy for you by including the video right above this short post.

Subscription Fee Dilemma (and Customer Churn)

Uwe didn't shy away from discussing one of InvoiceBerry's significant hurdles: understanding businesses' reluctance towards subscription fees or their requests for hefty discounts. He revealed, "Eight out of 10 cancellations come because the customer retires or shuts down their business, which is pretty good in my opinion. It means we're doing something right for those who stay." This insight underscores the importance of attracting and retaining the right customer base for long-term success.

Remaining True to InvoiceBerry’s Essence

In the fiercely competitive market, Uwe underscored InvoiceBerry's commitment to simplicity and being customer-focused. "We keep things straightforward and avoid tech or accounting jargon, making every screen intuitive," Uwe explained. This approach has helped them stand out and retain customers for years.

Innovation vs. Customer Needs: Finding the Balance

Uwe shed light on the delicate dance between innovation and sticking to what customers love about InvoiceBerry. He emphasized, "Our main focus is on serving small and medium businesses by prioritizing ease of use over adding complex features."

Evolving with a Changing Market

Over 14 years, InvoiceBerry has seen its customer base shift dramatically. "We've gone from tradespeople to digital entrepreneurs," Uwe noted, highlighting the need for flexibility to cater to a wide range of industries.

Learning Lessons and Looking Forward

Uwe offered insights into his approach to decision-making, stressing the importance of filtering feedback and staying focused. Looking ahead, InvoiceBerry is all about enhancing customer service with a concierge experience, proving their commitment to continuous improvement.

Wisdom from the Founder’s Journey

Reflecting on his path, Uwe mused, "I'd tell my younger self to stress less, focus more, and ship faster." He also discussed the power of sticking to one’s convictions, even when faced with diverse advice and challenges.

A Peek into Uwe’s Mind: Founder Facts

In a fun rapid-fire round, Uwe shared personal tidbits, revealing himself as an introvert who loves growth hacks and sees himself as a jack of all trades. When asked about his inspirations, he named Jason Fried from Basecamp, admiring his holistic approach to business.

My conversation with Uwe was not just enlightening but also deeply inspiring. His journey is a proof to the importance of staying true to your core values, listening to your customers, and continuously innovating in the competitive invoicing software landscape.

For a more in-depth look into Uwe's entrepreneurial spirit and InvoiceBerry's journey, tune into the full podcast interview. Our heartfelt thanks to Uwe Dreissigacker for letting us tap into his experience and being a wonderul guest!

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Our Guest

Uwe Dreissigacker is the founder of online invoicing software InvoiceBerry and no-code blogging platform BlogHandy. At both companies, he serves small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and startups and helps them to run their businesses more efficiently. 

Uwe started his entrepreneurial journey at age 14 when he launched an online gaming network with over 500,000 players in his home country of Germany. He then went on to co-found an online ad network that reached over 1 billion monthly ad impressions within its first year as well as an AdTech company that he later exited. 

With multiple exits in the AdTech and gaming industries under his belt, he know focuses on his software businesses and helps other SaaS businesses to grow their content marketing.

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