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LP002: How to Create Irresistible Offers For Online Courses With Sean D’Souza

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In the second episode of The Launch Plan podcast, we're exploring a topic that's been talked about so much in the interwebs - Irresistible Offers. These are offers that customers or clients cannot say "no" to.

But what makes these offers irresistible? How to create irresistible offers for online courses? How do you create irresistible offers on online courses such that people keep coming back for more?

That's what we discuss inside this episode. A popular advice to create irresistible offers is "increase value while decreasing the price". But how do you increase the value?

We have arguably the best person to talk about this today. He is a creator that scaled his business from being a cartoonist and copywriter to half a million-dollar business. Join Karthik in this conversation with Sean D'Souza. 

There is no such thing as a viable market . There is no such thing as competition. If I have a coffee mug, that's a viable market. If I'm a copywriter, that's a viable market. If I'm a web designer, that's a viable market. Now, some markets are new. Like for instance, a web designer didn't exist before the year 2000. So that's kind of new, but a designer existed. So when people look for something that's new, they're actually looking in the wrong place. They should be looking for a recurring problem. - Sean D'Souza

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SEan D'Souza


Sean is the founder of Psychotactics. He’s a copywriter, cartoonist, marketer, and podcaster. He hosts The Three Month Vacation Podcast.

Check out Sean's book The Brain Audit to learn more about why clients buy. Also visit this page to download the Dartboard Pricing ebook.

A big "thank you" to Sean for joining us for this episode. And "thank you" to you for taking the time to listen. Please leave the show a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.

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