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The Evolution of Invoiceberry: Uwe Dreissigacker (Part 1)

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If there's one truth I've learned in the realm of marketing, it's the power of clarity and simplicity. Today, I'm bringing you a gem of a story from Uwe Dreissigacker, the brains behind InvoiceBerry, during a candid chat on the This GPT Life podcast. It's a tale not just of innovation, but of evolution, resilience, and the timeless principle of keeping it simple.

Uwe's Words of Wisdom

  • On Starting: "One weekend was all it took—coding and then sharing. It was about creating something of value and seeing where it went."
  • On Building InvoiceBerry: "The goal was always clear: simplify, make intuitive. It wasn't just about building a tool; it was about crafting an experience."
  • On Evolution and Customer Focus: "Adapting to our customers' needs has been key. Even if something was fun for us, if it didn't serve our customers, it was back to the drawing board."
  • On Adapting to Change: "The world moved digital, and so did we. Understanding and embracing this shift was crucial in our journey."

The Essence of InvoiceBerry's Journey

  • Started with a weekend of coding, sharing, and feedback.
  • Evolved from a simple tool to a platform dedicated to simplifying invoicing for small businesses and freelancers.
  • Constantly refined based on user experience and feedback.
  • Adapted to a digital-first world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uwe's journey is a powerful reminder that at the heart of every successful venture lies a simple truth—understand your customer, and keep it simple. His reflections are not just about the technical side of things but about the mindset of continuously adapting and simplifying.

As Uwe himself puts it, "It's a lot of trial and error... a lot of gut feeling." This encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurship: the blend of intuition, perseverance, and the courage to evolve.

There's Good News...

If you're eager to dive deeper into Uwe's insights and the evolution of InvoiceBerry, I've got good news. This conversation isn't over. Stay tuned for part two of our chat in next week's episode of This GPT Life podcast, where Uwe will share more on navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities that come with growing a business in today's ever-changing landscape.


Uwe Dreissigacker's story with InvoiceBerry is more than a business narrative; it's a lesson in the art of simplicity and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. By focusing on these core values, Uwe has not just built a product but has nurtured a platform that resonates with the needs of today's small businesses and freelancers.

Remember, the key to unlocking your product's potential might just lie in the power of keeping things simple and focusing on what truly matters to your customers. Stay tuned for more insights and stories from the front lines of entrepreneurship.

Until next time, keep it simple, keep it clear, and never underestimate the power of directly responding to your customer's needs.

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Our Guest

Uwe Dreissigacker is the founder of online invoicing software InvoiceBerry and no-code blogging platform BlogHandy. At both companies, he serves small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and startups and helps them to run their businesses more efficiently. 

Uwe started his entrepreneurial journey at age 14 when he launched an online gaming network with over 500,000 players in his home country of Germany. He then went on to co-found an online ad network that reached over 1 billion monthly ad impressions within its first year as well as an AdTech company that he later exited. 

With multiple exits in the AdTech and gaming industries under his belt, he know focuses on his software businesses and helps other SaaS businesses to grow their content marketing.

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