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How Can You Sell Online When All Clients Want Is To Be Safe (And Do It In Five Steps) – Part 2

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Struggling to sell your info products?

One of the biggest reasons why many solopreneurs don't sell enough is because they hit a wall. They think that it's hard to sell (or that their products are not good enough). Many creators give up. The wall feels overwhelming. But the wall is not made of concrete.

You can break the wall (If you know how).

Because the wall is made up of exactly what we discussed in the previous episode -- the four-letter F-Word, and if you understand this, you can dismantle this seemingly mighty wall just like a tent. And then, you will unlock the secret that will help you sell more and bigger info products and courses.

How to break the wall (and sell your online courses)?

It turns out that you don't need to break this wall. If you do exactly what you learn in this episode, you will see the wall magically disappear. And your clients will do that themselves. Here's what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The five-step process to remove fear
  • How to handle clients like an eight-year-old (and help your clients buy)
  • Learn the different kinds of proof you can use (and how they will impact your sale)
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