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How to Create Hit Episodes as a Podcast Guest (And Unlock Unlimited Leads For Your Business) – Part 1

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Do you want to attract unlimited leads as a podcast guest?

Small business owners and solopreneurs oftentimes run their businesses with limited resources. Be it traffic, lead generation, marketing funnels, or sales, you do it all yourself. But if podcast guesting is one of the strategies you've used to build your brand and grow your audience, you have probably encountered a challenge.

You don't get enough engagement or leads as a podcast guest.

Have you ever felt like podcast guesting is not working for you? Have you felt like your appearances as a podcast guest have not generated enough engagement or leads? Have you always wanted listeners to see you as the expert on your topic?

You need to focus on One thing.

Oftentimes, the host of a podcast does a great job of shining the spotlight on you. Yet, the episode falls through the cracks. In this episode, you'll see how you can create very good podcast episodes as guest on other podcasts. You'll see how by focusing on just four critical elements, you can position yourself as the expert that listeners should listen to (and want to follow). In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The biggest mistake a lot of people make as a guest on others' podcast
  • The four elements you should focus on when you are a podcast guest
  • What you need to do today to make your next podcast guesting appearance a hit
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