60 Headline Formulas for Course Creators

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Karthik Vijayakumar
Published on: August 1, 2023

Writing a sales letter and stuck for headline ideas? I’ve compiled sixty headline formulas for course creators like you in this post and some examples. This post is a follow-up to a post I published yesterday outlining how to unlock course sales in eight steps with copywriting.

This is not a creative guide to coming up with headlines. Treat this purely as a reference or to help you get unstuck. The headline formulas are focused on six categories:

  1. Course name
  2. The problem
  3. The promise or desired outcome
  4. Skepticism
  5. Audience
  6. Timeline and Immediacy

Print this page and use it as offline reference material if needed.

headline formulas for course creators

Headlines Formulas Focused on the Course Name

Headline FormulaExample
Unlock Your Potential: Enroll in [Course Name] for Lifelong Success!”“Unlock Your Potential: Enroll in Mind Mastery 101 for Lifelong Success!”
“Master Your Skills: Take Your Career to New Heights with [Course Name]”“Master Your Skills: Take Your Photography to New Heights with Digital Photography Pro”
“Discover the Secrets: [Course Name] Reveals the Hidden Techniques of [Topic]”“Discover the Secrets: Copywriting Mastery Unveils the Hidden Techniques of Persuasion”
“Achieve Your Dreams: [Course Name] Empowers You to Reach Your Goals”“Achieve Your Dreams: Financial Freedom Formula Empowers You to Reach Your Financial Goals”
“Become an Expert: [Course Name] Turns Novices into Professionals”“Become an Expert: Excel Wizardry 101 Turns Novices into Spreadsheet Professionals”
“Transform Your Life: [Course Name] Will Revolutionize Your Mindset”“Transform Your Life: Positive Psychology Bootcamp Will Revolutionize Your Mindset”
“Unlock New Opportunities: [Course Name] Opens Doors to Success”“Unlock New Opportunities: Digital Marketing Pro Opens Doors to Career Success”
“Level Up Your Skills: [Course Name] Takes You From Beginner to Pro”“Level Up Your Skills: Guitar Mastery 101 Takes You From Beginner to Guitar Pro”
“Gain In-Demand Knowledge: [Course Name] Teaches You the Latest Trends”“Gain In-Demand Knowledge: Social Media Marketing Insider Teaches You the Latest Trends”
“The Ultimate Guide: [Course Name] Leads You to Expertise”“The Ultimate Guide: Web Development Masterclass Leads You to Expertise”


Headlines Formulas Focused on the Problem

Headline FormulaExample
“Struggling to [Problem]? Discover the Ultimate Solution with [Course Name]!”“Struggling to Lose Weight? Discover the Ultimate Solution with Fitness Mastery 101!”
“Tired of [Problem]? [Course Name] Unveils the Path to a Stress-Free Life!”“Tired of Endless Procrastination? Procrastination Breaker Unveils the Path to a Stress-Free Life!”
“Fed Up with [Problem]? Let [Course Name] Be Your Guide to Success!”“Fed Up with Financial Struggles? Money Management Guru Be Your Guide to Success!”
“Overwhelmed by [Problem]? [Course Name] Provides a Step-by-Step Escape Plan!”“Overwhelmed by Clutter? Home Organization Blueprint Provides a Step-by-Step Escape Plan!”
“Can’t Crack [Problem]? [Course Name] Unlocks the Hidden Strategies!”“Can’t Crack the Code of Social Media Marketing? Social Media Success Formula Unlocks the Hidden Strategies!”
“Stuck in [Problem]? [Course Name] Propels You Towards Freedom!”“Stuck in Career Rut? Career Advancement Accelerator Propels You Towards Freedom!”
“Frustrated with [Problem]? [Course Name] Empowers You to Take Control!”“Frustrated with Low Self-Confidence? Confidence Booster Empowers You to Take Control!”
“Sick of [Problem]? [Course Name] Provides the Antidote You Need!”“Sick of Financial Stress? Financial Wellness Rx Provides the Antidote You Need!”
“Battling [Problem]? [Course Name] Arms You with Effective Strategies!”“Battling Communication Issues? Effective Communication Masterclass Arms You with Effective Strategies!”
“Desperate to Overcome [Problem]? [Course Name] Offers the Ultimate Solution!”“Desperate to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety? Fearless Public Speaking Offers the Ultimate Solution!”


Headlines Formulas Focused on the Desired Outcome

You can refer to the following headline formulas for online courses where you want to put your promise in the spotlight.

Headline FormulaExample
“Achieve [Desired Outcome] with [Course Name]: Your Path to Success!”“Achieve Financial Freedom with Wealth Mastery 101: Your Path to Success!”
“Unlock Your Full Potential: [Course Name] Guides You to [Desired Outcome]!”“Unlock Your Full Potential: Peak Performance Pro Unleashes Your Productivity!”
“Experience [Desired Outcome] Like Never Before: Join [Course Name] Today!”“Experience Radiant Skin Like Never Before: Skincare Secrets Unleashed!”
“Transform Your [Area of Interest]: [Course Name] Paves the Way!”“Transform Your Photography Skills: Capture Masterpieces with Photo Guru!”
“Master [Desired Skill]: Enroll in [Course Name] and Excel!”“Master Public Speaking: Enroll in the Confident Speaker’s Academy and Excel!”
“Become a [Desired Role]: [Course Name] Leads the Way!”“Become a Certified Life Coach: Life Coaching Pro Leads the Way!”
“Attain [Desired Outcome] in [Specific Timeframe]: Join [Course Name] Now!”“Attain Fluency in Spanish in 90 Days: Spanish Language Accelerator Starts Now!”
“Unleash Your Inner [Desired Trait]: [Course Name] Unlocks the Power Within!”“Unleash Your Inner Leader: Leadership Dynamo Unlocks the Power Within!”
“Step into [Desired Experience]: [Course Name] Transforms Your Journey!”“Step into Entrepreneurial Success: Startup Accelerator Transforms Your Journey!”
“Reach [Specific Goal]: [Course Name] Your Ultimate Guide!”“Reach Peak Fitness Levels: Fitness Revolution Your Ultimate Guide!”


Headlines Formulas Focused on Skepticism

Headline FormulaExample
“Don’t Believe the Hype? See How [Course Name] Delivers Real Results!”“Don’t Believe the Hype? See How Fitness Fusion Transforms Ordinary People Into Athletes!”
“Skeptical About [Desired Outcome]? Let [Course Name] Prove It!”“Skeptical About Doubling Your Income? Let Wealth Builder Prove It!”
“Discover the Truth: [Course Name] Debunks Common Myths About [Course Topic]!”“Discover the Truth: Financial Freedom Unraveled Debunks Common Myths About Money Management!”
“From Skeptic to Believer: How [Course Name] Converts Doubters Into Success Stories!”“From Skeptic to Believer: Self-Healing Journey Converts Doubters Into Empowered Individuals!”
“Is [Course Topic] Too Good to Be True? [Course Name] Sets the Record Straight!”“Is Forex Trading Too Good to Be True? Forex Fortunes Sets the Record Straight!”
“Overcome Your Doubts: [Course Name] Offers a Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!”“Overcome Your Doubts: Language Prodigy Offers a Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!”
“The Truth Revealed: [Course Name] Shows You What Others Won’t!”“The Truth Revealed: Insider Trading Insights Shows You What Others Won’t!”
“Doubting Your Potential? [Course Name] Empowers You to Achieve Greatness!”“Doubting Your Potential? Leadership Luminary Empowers You to Achieve Greatness!”
“Busting Skepticism: [Course Name] Backed by Rave Reviews and Testimonials!”“Busting Skepticism: Financial Freedom Formula Backed by Rave Reviews and Testimonials!”
“Confidently Embrace [Desired Outcome]: [Course Name] Is Your Proven Solution!”“Confidently Embrace Public Speaking: Orator’s Edge Is Your Proven Solution!”


Headlines Focused on Calling Out the Audience

Headline FormulaExample
“Attention [Target Audience]: Unlock Your Creative Potential with [Course Name]!”“Attention Aspiring Artists: Unlock Your Creative Potential with Masterful Artistry!”
“Hey [Target Audience], Say Goodbye to [Common Problem] with [Course Name]!”“Hey Busy Parents, Say Goodbye to Mealtime Stress with Meal Planning Made Easy!”
“Calling All [Target Audience]: Discover the Secrets to [Desired Outcome] Now!”“Calling All Entrepreneurs: Discover the Secrets to Explosive Growth Now!”
“Ready to Take Charge, [Target Audience]? [Course Name] Puts You in Control!”“Ready to Take Charge, Marketers? Copywriting Mastery Puts You in Control!”
“Hey [Target Audience], Stop Settling for Less! Achieve [Desired Result] Today!”“Hey Fitness Enthusiasts, Stop Settling for Less! Achieve Your Dream Physique Today!”
“Calling All [Target Audience] Who Want More: [Course Name] Delivers Results!”“Calling All Sales Professionals Who Want More: Closing Champion Delivers Results!”
“Attention [Target Audience], Are You Tired of [Common Frustration]? Try [Course Name]!”“Attention Home Cooks, Are You Tired of Recipe Flops? Try Culinary Perfectionist!”
“Hey [Target Audience], Ready to [Achieve Bold Goal]? [Course Name] Can Help!”“Hey Digital Nomads, Ready to Earn Six Figures Online? Freelancer’s Roadmap Can Help!”
“Attention [Target Audience], Supercharge Your [Specific Skill] with [Course Name]!”“Attention Photographers, Supercharge Your Composition Skills with Artistic Visionary!”
“Hey [Target Audience], Unlock Your Potential with [Course Name]’s Expert Guidance!”“Hey Investors, Unlock Your Potential with Stock Market Maven’s Expert Guidance!”


Headlines Formulas Focused on Timeline and Immediacy

Headline FormulaExample
“Limited Time Offer: Enroll in [Course Name] Today and Transform Your Life in 30 Days!”“Limited Time Offer: Enroll in the 30-Day Productivity Bootcamp Today and Transform Your Life in Just One Month!”
“Last Chance to Join [Course Name]: Doors Closing Tomorrow at Midnight!”“Last Chance to Join the Freelancer’s Masterclass: Doors Closing Tomorrow at Midnight!”
“Act Now and Get Instant Access to [Course Name] – Start Your Journey Today!”“Act Now and Get Instant Access to the Yoga Bliss Program – Start Your Journey to Inner Peace Today!”
“Don’t Miss Out: 7-Day Crash Course to Boost Your [Specific Skill] – Enroll Today!”“Don’t Miss Out: 7-Day Crash Course to Boost Your Social Media Marketing – Enroll Today!”
“Early Bird Special: Register Now for [Course Name] and Save 50% – Limited Seats!”“Early Bird Special: Register Now for the Language Prodigy Workshop and Save 50% – Limited Seats!”
“Get Started Today: [Course Name] Will Have You Speaking Fluent [Language] in 14 Days!”“Get Started Today: Spanish Mastery Course Will Have You Speaking Fluent Spanish in 14 Days!”
“Unlock Your Potential Now: Join [Course Name] and Achieve Your Goals by Year’s End!”“Unlock Your Potential Now: Join the Goal Crusher Intensive and Achieve Your Goals by Year’s End!”
“Limited Time Only: Master [Specific Skill] in 21 Days with [Course Name]!”“Limited Time Only: Master Copywriting in 21 Days with the Copy Jedi Program!”
“Immediate Results Guaranteed: Enroll in [Course Name] and See a Change Tomorrow!”“Immediate Results Guaranteed: Enroll in the Fitness Accelerator and See a Change in Your Body Tomorrow!”
“Don’t Wait Another Minute: Start Your Transformation Today with [Course Name]!”“Don’t Wait Another Minute: Start Your Transformation Today with the Self-Confidence Makeover!”

I hope you found these headline formulas for course creators valuable.

Do check out my recent post on creating and selling a six-figure online course in five steps. And don’t forget to subscribe to my Paid Course Creator newsletter, where I help you grow your course business.

To your prosperity,


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