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How to Craft Your Email Pitch to Build Partnerships (And Grow Your Business Even If You Are Starting From Scratch)

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Do you struggle sending emails that get responses?

Businesses need leads. But if you just focus on lead generation, you can end up with a heap of useless email addresses or phone numbers. It's not just about leads. You need high-quality leads. Your need people that are highly likely to do business with you. But how do you find high-quality leads?

Find people in the market.

Traditionally when you have to sell or buy something, you go to the market. People you find in the market are there to do business. They are not trying to window-shop with shopping bags. How can you find such people when you run an online business selling courses or freelancing services or info products? You find businesses that your prospective customers are already going to.  And you get them to introduce you to their audience. But why would they do that? And even if they did, how do I reach out to them?

You need to pitch yourself.

You will need to craft an email pitch. But who answers unsolicited emails anyway? Even if they did, how do I get past the initial objections and get them to say a 'yes'? Well that's exactly what you'll learn in today's episode of podcast. You will learn:

  • How to use partnerships to grow your business
  • The structure of a winning email pitch
  • How to get people to respond with a 'yes' by reducing the number of variables
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