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How to Create Profitable YouTube Ads (And How to Run Them For Free Using the “30-Second Rule”)

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Have you ever wondered why some YouTube Ads work (and many don't)?

The holiday season is closing in, and every business wants to make the most of it. Facebook and YouTube are littered with Ads. You want to make the most of this season as a course creator, freelancer, or infopreneur. Somewhere in the corner of your mind, you are asking yourself this question:

Should I run ads on YouTube and scale my course sales?

And in no time, you are filled with an avalanche of questions. What kind of ad should I run? How long should the ad be? What kind of content should my ad have? How to get started writing the copy for my YouTube ad? If even one of these questions has been inside your head, wait no more.

Learn exactly why ads succeed (and why they fail).

In this episode, our guest Shoden, Dennis Abad, discusses why Ads fail and succeed. He's a Marketing and Online Business Growth Coach who runs ads for several well-known course creators. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Crucial sections of a profitable YouTube Ad.
  • The "30-Second Rule" that can help you literally run Ads on YouTube for Free (and reach more people)
  • How to design your first YouTube Ad even if you are just getting started with videos (and a "formula" if you are comfortable with videos)

Behind the Scenes of a High-Performing YouTube Ad.

Shoden takes us behind the scenes of a high-converting (high CTR) YouTube Ad. You'll see everything from structure, to copy, and the data. Want more? Download the Launch Plan Workbook with the worksheets for creating a high-converting YouTube Ad for your business.


Marketing and Online Business Growth Coach

Dennis Abad, or Shoden as he is more commonly known, is a Marketing and Online Business Growth Coach who helps his clients grow and scale their online presence and courses to 7-Figures using videos and video ads and email marketing.

A consummate video strategist, Shoden has his own Video Marketing Agency and has also co-founded a Videography School. To date, his Agency has created videos with millions of views on YouTube and has generated at over 2 million USD in revenue for his clients.

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