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How to Create Irresistible Offers (And Why You Should Stop Selling) – Part 1

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Are you trying to sell products or services?

For a long time, people who sold were considered cheaters and swindlers. These were the time when men went around on horsebacks and carriages from one town to another selling "stuff." The only goal these people had was to make money. This trend continued in the 20th century with newspaper ads. From big, attention grabbing headlines to sell cures to esoteric diseases to "stuff" people never had head, people focused a lot on "selling."

And then one day someone thought:

What if you stop selling?

Instead, what if you could look around and see what people really were looking for? What if we could see what people really needed, and sold them a solution? Some of the biggest names from the 19th and 20th century were inventors that invented "stuff" that solved people's problems. Many of them went on to build multi-million dollar businesses. They focused on just one thing: find out what people really needed and wanted, and "offer" them a solution.

And you need to do it too.

When you click the play button and listen to this episode, you'll learn how to do it for your business too. In this episode, we focus explore the idea of learning from your target buyers. You will learn:

  • The truth about "selling" (and a secret from Jordan Belfort, the original Wolf Of the Wall Street)
  • How to "own" your target market by finding gaps and opportunities
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