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Custom GPTs

B2B Website Audit

Would you like to hire a salesperson for your company for free? Fix your website copy. Because your website is the best salesperson you've got. It's selling even when you are spending time with family or sleeping. But is your website doing a good job of selling?

That's why I created this GPT. The B2B Website Audit GPT audits your website copy and shows you what it's doing well, and where it needs to improve.

SaaS Competitor Insight

Need to research competitors? With the SaaS Competitor Insight, your job just got a LOT EASIER! All you need is a link to their website. In just a few seconds, this GPT will research your competitor, identifying the company's mission statement, target market, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), extracting key features and USPs from customers' perspective, and so much more.

Case Study Writer

Do you need to put together a case study real fast? Case Study Writer is perhaps what you just need. All you need to give this GPT is a customer interview transcript and a link to the customer's website.

Content Ideas Generator

The LinkedIn Content Generator GPT is designed to help you with generating content ideas for any topic or keyword. Although designed based on the Content Matrix inside Justin Welsh's LinkedIn OS course, these content ideas work well for other social media platforms too.

Courses & Communities

LinkedIn OS

If you intend on growing your presence on LinkedIn, I highly recommend LinkedIn OS by Justin Welsh. The course is the best on the topic. Also, the course is no-nonsense and short. The short course is well packed with highly valuable video content and an integrated spreadsheet workbook.

Community For SaaS Founders

Looking for a community with SaaS/tech founders and investors? I can't recommend Trends Pro enough. It's led by Dru Riley, who runs a very successful newsletter and publishes some of the best trends reports. If you choose to join, use 'KARTHIKPRO' and get $50 off your first year subscription.