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How to Attract The Right Clients (And Repel The Wrong Ones) – Part 2 (Present Your Plan)

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Are you giving your clients what they want?

Businesses of all sizes put out tiny magnets to attract the right clients. But magnets attract only iron filings. Your clients are not iron filings. They are gold. And magnets don't attract gold. Yet, businesses have wasted priceless resources creating resources that attract the wrong clients. If you have created lead magnets and yet struggled attracting the right clients, this episode is for you.

Six elements are all you need.

Small businesses and solopreneurs spend valuable time asking the wrong question about lead magnets. What lead magnet works best? Should I create a checklist? Or, should I create an ebook? Or, should it be a course? These are the wrong questions. Because any of these lead magnets could work.

The question you should be asking is this: what elements should a good lead magnet be based on? If you're asking this question, this episode is for you. Because in this episode, you'll learn six steps that will help you infuse six vital elements into your lead magnets. This cocktail is powerful, and will instantly turn your lead magnets into client-attracting-machines.

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We highly recommend you don't waste time taking notes. That's because what you're about to listen to is a nuanced topic. And you need to make sure you don't miss out on the details. Listen closely, and sometimes it helps when you read between the lines.

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