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Disrupting a 2,200-Year-Old Industry By Using AI in Warehouses: Ivo Verhaegh

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AI in warehouses? Yes, in our very first This GPT Life podcast episode, I got to chat with Ivo Verhaegh, the Co-founder and CEO  of Powerhouse AI about why they are putting AI inside warehouses.

A lil bit of history can help us appreciate what Powerhouse AI is doing even better. Did you know warehousing is a 2,200-year-old industry? Started by the Romans, the first complex of warehouses had more than 140 rooms and covering approximately 225,000 square feet along the Tiber River.

Back to my conversation with Ivo, the story behind how he and his team went on to combine computer vision with artificial intelligence is fascinating.

Ivo broke down the journey for us – why they zeroed in on this challenge, the roadmap to crafting a workable solution, and their hustle to get noticed by big names like DHL, the global logistics company.

Setting New Benchmarks

Powerhouse AI is all about redefining warehouse operations. Imagine a software that digitizes every step, from counting inventory to moving goods around, powered by AI that can count, extract data, compare quantities, and track shipments in the blink of an eye. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in warehousing.

Ivo let us in on their secret sauce: a solution right at your fingertips, accessible on any mobile device. It’s not just easy to use; it’s designed to fit into any warehouse operation with unmatched ease and accuracy.

Tackling Hurdles, Showcasing Value

Now, the journey wasn’t a straight shot. Initially, Powerhouse AI dabbled in hardware, thinking about weight sensors for trolleys or forklifts. But then, reality hit – the pandemic, less-than-ideal ROI, and the tangled web of warehouse logistics. That’s when they pivoted to the software game.

Their edge? A solution that’s light on assets but heavy on benefits: affordable, versatile, and a breeze to set up.

Embracing AI’s True Power

Ivo’s big on solving real problems. If AI isn’t the answer, they're game to look elsewhere. It’s not about AI for AI’s sake but about finding the smartest fix. In other words, their goal is not to put AI inside warehouses, but to make warehouses more efficient.

Eyeing the Future

With a tight-knit crew of seven, Powerhouse AI is just warming up. They’re testing the waters, figuring out the best ways to spread their wings, especially pondering a US venture. It’s all about reaching where the talent is, no matter the map coordinates.

Ivo put it perfectly: sales are an experiment, a way to keep learning and tweaking as they grow.

And there you have it. Powerhouse AI isn’t just putting AI in warehouses; they’re setting a new standard for automation and efficiency. They just happen to be using AI and computer vision to do it.

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Our Guest

Ivo Verhaegh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Powerhouse AI, a Singapore and US-based tech firm. They're making warehouses more efficient globally by simplifying warehouse tasks through computer vision technology. They're a proud member of Y Combinator and working with some of the largest logistics companies. Originally from the Netherlands, Ivo jumped into the startup world after a stint as a consultant and running another startup. At Powerhouse AI, they're merging their love for technology and efficiency, aiming to make a significant mark in the warehousing industry.

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