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How to Create Actionable Content as a Podcast Guest (And Unlock Unlimited Leads For Your Business) – Part 2

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Is your podcast guesting strategy not working?

Podcast guesting is one of the most effective strategies to generate leads and build a brand. Depending on the podcast, this strategy can help you generate short term leads and benefit from the long tail too. If you've not had a great experience so far, this episode is for you.

Generating leads as a podcast guest is not just about the quantity.

This is more a quality game. If you don't have a solid plan with your content, podcast guesting can soon turn out to be one of the most expensive strategies. What makes the same strategy go from the most effective marketing strategies to the least? What aspect of the content can make such a huge difference?

Creating actionable content is your answer.

You heard it right. It's not just the content. It's not about how big the show is. It all comes down to how well you were able to transfer listeners from listening to your email list. And that's what we focus in this episode. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Nine steps to creating actionable podcast content as a podcast guest
  • How "spilling the beans" is a good strategy when it comes to podcast guesting
  • What should be your singular focus when going on any podcast as a guest.
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