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The Launch Plan Podcast

Listen to The Launch Plan podcast and find creative ways to grow your business with marketing.

the launch plan podcast with Karthik Vijayakumar aka Kartvee

How to Create Irresistible Offers (And Why You Should Stop Selling) - Part 1

the launch plan podcast

How Can You Sell When All Clients Want Is To Be Safe (And Do It In Five Steps) - Part 2

the launch plan podcast

Why Your Opt-In Pages Fail (And How to Fix Them In 10 Minutes)

the launch plan podcast

How to Attract The Right Clients (And Repel The Wrong People) - Part 1 (Your Message)


Hi, I'm Karthik

I'm a Technologist turned Direct Response Copywriter. My journey with internet marketing started with a podcast. And as I accidentally stumbled upon email marketing and got sucked into the online marketing rabbit hole.

I help small business owners find success with selling info products like ebooks, courses, and workshops. On this blog, you'll find some very useful marketing resources including blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, worksheets, and more in the areas of messaging, market research, offer creation, and audience building.

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